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Arborist Madoc Natur from the Weinviertel is your first contact for all things garden. We offer on hand expertise for your tree pruning, care and removal needs, and we’re always happy to help.

Because we’re so close to nature, we endeavour to work with organic and plastic free products, and to support local businesses wherever possible.

Since we’re rigorously trained to European Tree Worker standards, we always ensure high quality and professional work.

We offer a full job inspection, quote and non-binding expert advice, absolutely free of charge, and as standard.
If you have any questions, or would like to arrange a free consultation, then please get in touch via phone or email!

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Your professional Arborist for expert tree care and tree felling – direct from the Weinviertel

Is that tree in your garden is too big, but you still want to keep it healthy? Does it have a lot of dead wood, and could it be a risk to road safety?

We’ll take care of it – no tree is too big, or too tall for us!

Whatever your tree needs – to secure the tree, fruit tree care, planting trees, caring for young trees, pruning, removing dead wood or rootstock removal by means of fungi or machines – we can do it all, in an expert and professional manner. We are always happy to assist you, from your first consultation, to the completion of work. We also take care of disposal – from tree cuttings to the felling of a complete tree for you! No matter how tricky, give us a call.
One of our particular specialties happens to be tree felling in confined spaces!

Trees have always fascinated mankind. With their impressive diversity and the endless possibilities of use, this masterpiece of nature plays an integral part in our lives. Starting with the extremely important task of cleaning and renewing our air, they offer endless other qualities that nobody wants to have to do without! Whether as a feast for the eyes in chic avenues, as well established, shady trees in the park or as noise and privacy protection in the garden.

The variety of trees is limitless. But in order to preserve this rich diversity and use it responsibly, many things have to be taken into consideration these days – because combining trees and people in one environment is not always easy! Tree care and tree felling play an important role here. In order, not only to give trees in our cities enough living space, but to also make them traffic-safe, care and pruning are essential. This is exactly what ‘Madoc Natur’ from the Weinviertel have tasked themselves with.

We are happy to answer your questions about tree care and tree felling!

Tree care felling

Tree planting

Tree care begins with the correct planting of a young tree, and is the most important prerequisite for growing a healthy and stable tree – without the need for intervention later in its lifetime.

From the right choice of plant, to choosing the correct location, we will carry out the planting of your tree professionally.

When planting (tree, soil material, mulch) we use organic and/or local products whenever possible.

Young Tree Pruning

The educational pruning is carried out on young trees in order to prevent any existing malposition in the crown structure, and to train the tree crown to grow into a stable and healthy crown. When the tree is young, cuts are still small and can be overgrown by new bark within a few growing seasons.

Tree Care Permaculture

Crown Care

When caring for the crown, the primary aim is to promote or maintain the healthy and natural growth of the tree wherever necessary.

If a tree has been damaged, for whatever reason, whether natural or by human error, proper crown care can preserve the vitality of the tree and enable it to continue to survive, and even thrive.

Crown relief

In order to ensure the right stability for old, poorly grown or damaged trees, in some cases the relief of the crown is a measure that can prevent the need to fell a tree.

In doing so, weight is removed from the crown of the tree by cutting measures in the given area, thus providing it with the necessary stability.

An undertaking that requires a great deal of experience and tree knowledge!

Crown shortening

The trimming of a tree crown isn’t a must for a good tree, and should only be done for the right reasons, and as a necessity. If it is necessary to reduce a tree crown for given reasons, the correct implementation of the pruning measure is crucial in order to save the tree.

This should only be implemented by highly trained specialists, as incorrect execution can result in the death of the tree.

Crown cut

Crown cuts on trees can be carried out from a variety of aspects, e.g. due to the risk of dead wood (dead, rotten branches), trees that have grown too large in small courtyards (crown shortening), care cuts for previously incorrectly cut trees, or on old trees to relieve the crown enough for stability.

However, it is very important to select the right choice of pruning measure and, above all, the correct pruning technique for both the safety of people, and the well-being of the tree. If these activities are carried out incorrectly, enormous damage can result, including the death of the tree.

In order to take the right measures, expert experience and knowledge is required to keep the tree healthy – even following frequent intervention.

Baumkrone Reduzieren

Tree Felling: The last way

If there isn’t a feasible way to preserve a tree, or there are other reasons that make it necessary to fell a tree, you’ve come to the right place.

Using tried and tested methods, we’ll bring your tree down safely and quickly, even in the tightest of spaces. With the right equipment and technology, it’s possible for us to safely remove every single branch with rigging techniques, guaranteeing you a job well done!

Construction measures – Tree care

We will be happy to advise you regarding construction methods, in accordance with ÖNORM B 1121 – Protection of trees and vegetation during construction work. In this way, trees can continue to thrive without causing damage to property.

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