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Crown protection

Since mature trees are ecologically valuable, an attempt should always be made to preserve them – within reason.

One of the ways to secure tree crowns, or individual parts from erupting, is to secure the crown using a special kind of rope. Reasons for such measures could be bad branch connections or fungal infestation. The process is intended to prevent the individual parts of the crown from being battered in opposite directions during strong winds or storms, and to prevent the branch attachment of the stems (main trunk of one of the crown parts) from failing.

In most cases we will reduce the crown, to reduce leverage, and then install a crown anchor. Firstly, this secures the failure of the branch connection and, additionally, serves as fall protection, should the branch connection ultimately fail.
Special crown anchor ropes with corresponding load limits are used in this process.

Rootstock removal

After removing trees and/or shrubs, rhizomes can be decomposed more quickly with the use of mushrooms. You get tasty mushrooms to eat while nature performs the hard work of removing the problem rootstock! We will be happy to advise you which mushrooms are best suited for your specific tree type.

Rootstocks can also be milled out. The tiller removes the rootstock below ground level. The resultant mulch material can be recycled right on site. This is much faster, and requires far less effort, than digging up the rootstocks.

Fruit tree pruning

We cut fruit trees according to tree-biological aspects, in order to have healthy, stable, and long-lived fruit trees.
Yield increases are also possible with the right cut.

Young tree care (educational pruning)

The educational pruning is carried out on young trees in order to prevent any existing malpositions in the crown structure, and to train the tree crown to grow into a stable and healthy crown. When the tree is young, cuts are still small and can be overgrown by new bark in a few growing seasons.

Chopping of clippings

We can chop up your clippings on the spot, so that the chopped clippings can be used immediately as mulch material.

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