Tree inspection & Traffic Safety

Early detection of damage and damage symptoms

Tree inspection

In order not only to give trees in our cities enough living space, but also to make them “traffic-safe” for us, care is essential. That is exactly what we have set ourselves.

The tree inspection is an inspection of the tree, which is carried out either as a visual inspection from the ground or with special equipment. By checking the trees, signs of damage can be recognized early and damage can be prevented quickly and professionally if necessary.

In this way, serious tree damage does not occur in the first place, accidents are prevented and you, as the tree owner, fulfill your duty to ensure road safety.

Thanks to our specialist knowledge, our experience and suitable equipment, we can make well-founded statements about the condition of the tree and make decisions about necessary measures.

Our tree inspection services

  • Tree inspection
  • Tree cadastral creation
  • Creation of an action plan
  • Implementation of traffic safety measures for trees
  • Professional implementation of crown protection
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